Gable Eaton, US Marine

My name is Gable Eaton and I’m originally from Oakland, CA.

As a Veteran of The United States Marines; my first assignment sent me to serve in Washington DC, making me an Official White House Marine.

I’ve been a vegan for nearly thirty years and enjoy Crossfit to stay in shape. Other than my family and friends, my joy is my company.

I am forever grateful for my experience and today I am grateful for my military family and its support.

A Proverb A Day 03/03/21 (D.I.M. Ministries)

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Proverbs 3:3

There’s been many times, I’ve needed to remember something but had no way to record it. Instead of risking the loss, I’d repeat the important phrase or phone number in a sing-song way to myself. Creating some sort of mental impression that would last just long enough. When I succeeded, it was because I made it to a computer, phone, or notepad to write down what was on my mind.


A Proverb A Day 03/02/21

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Proverbs 2:6

I’ve been a person curious my entire life. As a kid, I loved taking things apart to see inside. I was always surprised at the millions of tiny parts that made a clock or a remote control work. But, I was never able to figure out how all those tiny made my TV change channels.

No matter how many electronics I’d open, I couldn’t figure out what made them function; that frustrated me. Eventually, I realized that my understanding of how things worked came, once…

The Scrappy Son of a King

Me and My Daddy (early 90's)

Many Black men today are doing all they can to be seen as great dads in the eyes and hearts of their kids. If for no other reason, than to give them what many of my generation never knew, a Father.

Fortunately, I was able to be one of the few black boys in the 80’s and 90’s with a Dad . A Dad that provided me with an example of what it truly means to be the husband, father and Babu (Grandfather), I’m blessed to be today.

As a rowdy teenager…

Sitting at the Feet of the Colonel

Mr. Percy Miller (image courtesy of

I must’ve been around16 years old when Master P first introduced himself to me.

It was something about the way he told the world that he was there and unafraid of life’s challenges.

The song is, “

In it, I discovered a way to express to the world, that I too mattered!

It was motivational and inspirational!

A real, “Tony Robbins of the Hood”;

I when I hear him today,

He wasn’t our guru but, but he was a leader.

Unfortunately, Southern artist…

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A Personal Essay


Robert Dabney Jr

Most people know James Baldwin as a novelist, essayist, and playwright, but to me he’s much more than that! To me, he’s a brother, a warrior, and a leader. One I wish to follow in my life’s work.

I don’t recall the first time I encountered his name or saw his face but, it feels as if I’ve always been familiar with him.

If not with him as a man, with the person that he was.

I’m sure as a Black boy growing up in Memphis, TN I heard his name during elementary school programs. You know, the special assemblies where kids recite things a dead black person did in the past. Yeah, I’m sure he was one of those discussed only during Black History Month.

Somewhere along my journey of…

-Jay-Z ()

I need to forget this verse for good.

It pops up, when I’m feeling overwhelmed or confused about life.

I have a deep desire for my life to be valuable for as many as possible! This is important to me.

I want God’s investment in me to increase exponentially. the servant given 5 talents but returned with 10!

But how? Where’s my lane? What’s my “wheelhouse”?

I ask this question often enough, but can’t seem to get any answers.


-Big Sean & Metro Boomin (Who’s Stopping Me)

I feel like I keep letting myself down.

It’s like I’m either afraid that I’ll succeed or I’m afraid of discovering that I’ve only been gassing myself up this entire time.

And by this entire time, I mean, most of my life. As I said not too long ago, I’ve always believed I could do anything.

Well, I’ve set a pretty ambitious goal for myself and now the only things replaying through my mind are past…

Master P (TRU- Bout it, Bout it)

-Arna Bontemps (The Day-Breakers)

One thing that can be said of cultural groups around the world is this: Humanity is willing to sacrifice itself when it recognizes a cause worth dying for. …

-Jay-Z (MaNyfaCedGod)

One day, while sitting in my living room, I began noticing the many family pictures throughout.

I am blessed!

I have 4 of ever and they love me.

I’m married to the most beautiful woman in the world whose heart, mind, and spirit are as remarkable as her smile.

Jasmin, the woman that saw potential in me when I was still a young kid. She knew that I would become ‘something’ once I got…

Robert Dabney Jr

My ultimate mission is much larger than being a writer. I’m a storyteller changing the World. Join me!| IG: @rjscribblez | @vetprk

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